Friday, April 17, 2009

more poop-stains

Hi, oh my god, I think I successfully created this blog. I am totally sure it was easier than I made it. Jade, the picture of your stamping room is absolutely FABULOUS! What a great place for some Stampin' Fun!

And might I take this opportunity to compliment you on the quality and originality of the cards you create. You are also a superior teacher. Believe me, this is something I have lots of experience with. Not all people are good teachers.

Well, looking forward to our special stamping class this Friday night! Thank you for all your good ideas and guidance.

L:o:v:e::::::: Aunt Shelly


  1. You're welcome! I love you and you are fun to teach! So, you should use this site to post your pictures of cards and stuff!

  2. As I am a baby beginner, I will probably have to think about it for a while. Next I probably need to learn how to put in a Stampin' Up order in on the computer.